In IT, not only are you responsible for training your own department’s team, but often you’re charged with training all your organization’s employees at one time or another. New software, new systems, new equipment, new hires that need to know important IT policies and procedures—we have best practices to keep your training engaging.

Project Management Certifications for Free!

Project management is a rapidly expanding field that offers a great deal of opportunity for IT professionals. However, gaining new knowledge isn’t usually easy—or cheap. However, there are many free options out there for project management training and certification.


It’s No Longer Optional: Employees Must Keep Training and Learning

There was a time when lifelong learning was considered a strong asset to one’s career—but it wasn’t necessarily vital. However, the modern workforce has changed all of that, and organizations must encourage their employees to continue acquiring new skills throughout their entire careers.


Using Gamification to Enhance Employees’ Skills

Gamification is making a big impact on the way companies are training and developing their employees. It’s particularly popular among tech-savvy workers, and could be helpful to your IT department. Here’s a look at how companies are using online gaming techniques to advance employee skills and confidence.


Keeping Developers Up to Date on Quickly Changing Technology

By Thor Olavsrud

Technology is constantly changing at a very fast pace, especially for front-end developers, so IT leaders would do well to help keep them consistently up to date. While it’s primarily a question of training—and developers do love to learn and build new things—there are other motivations that come into play as well.


IT Should Start Taking Mentoring Seriously

By Martha Heller

Coaching and mentorship are becoming key components of business training, but at many organizations IT is slower to catch on to the trend. The CIO of Barnes & Noble has made it work, however, and he shares advice on how other IT leaders can implement mentoring into their department’s training experience.


Tech Apprenticeships Aim to Help IT

By Alison DeNisco

Apprenticeships can be a very effective way to train the workers that an organization wants and needs, but they haven’t made much of an impact on technology fields until recently. See how new initiatives are affecting tech apprenticeships and if they might be helpful in your IT training programs.


Make Your Cybersecurity Training Work

By Kacy Zurkus

IT should do all that it can to provide quality cybersecurity training for its company’s workforce. However, an hour-long lecture held once a year just isn’t going to cut it; sometimes you need to find creative ways to test what employees have learned. Is your cybersecurity training getting the job done?


Google Training Apps for IT Pros

By Matt Kapko

IT professionals are always learning. In a field that is constantly shifting, changing, growing, and evolving, there are always new skills to develop and career avenues to explore. A number of training solutions are popping up to meet the demand for tech skills, and now Google Apps is jumping on board as well.


Training New Graduates on Cybersecurity

By Sarah K. White

Every summer, a new class of graduates is looking to find its place in the modern workforce. If your company is targeting these new grads for hiring, you need to train them on corporate security policies right away. Many of these new hires aren’t as savvy as they’d like to think they are.


In IT, On-the-Job Training Is a Must

By Mary Shacklett

It’s true that new IT talent just emerging from their education have a great many technical skills—but that doesn’t mean they can dive right in at your company. On-the-job training is crucial for every corporate IT department to ensure systems and methods are used properly.