IT Salaries for 2016

Management and Finances
by Guest Columnist

by Sarah K. White

It’s shaping up to be another great year for IT professionals. Salaries across a number of verticals are poised to increase, according to data from Robert Half Technologies. See salary ranges for popular technology jobs and how they’ve increased over 2015 numbers.

Some of the highest raises in salary in 2015 were for the following positions:

  • Chief security officer (an average increase of 7% to $222,500)
  • Mobile applications developer (an increase of 8.2% to $175,750)
  • Big data engineer (up 8.9% to $183,500)
  • Data scientist (also up 8.9% to $153,750)
  • Wireless network engineer (an increase of 9.7% to $150,750)

View a slide show with more information on increasing 2016 IT salaries



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