Mobile Security Precautions

Many employees use mobile devices for work purposes, and these devices can be open to security vulnerabilities. Read on for several mobile security precautions that should be at the very top of IT’s priority list.

Jack Wallen writes, “I’ve heard all of the excuses, every one of them an invalid justification for not ensuring the precious data on your smartphone is safe from prying eyes.

  • I forget passwords too easily.
  • It wastes time.
  • It’s too complicated.
  • I just haven’t bothered yet.
  • I don’t have anything to hide.

“And those are just the tip of a very fate-tempting iceberg. Every time I hear one of those answers, I cringe. Why? With the amount of data theft climbing higher and higher each day, data security is at an absolute premium. Even if you think you don’t hold precious cargo on that smartphone, you do. There are passwords to various accounts, contact phone numbers and e-mails, private conversations and photos … Any of which could spell trouble if in the wrong hands.

“1. Lock screen passwords. According to this Pew Research poll, over one-quarter of smartphone users do not protect their devices with lock screen passcodes. Let that sink in a moment. Roughly 28% of smartphone users to not protect their devices. That means one in four smartphones sitting unattended could be compromised simply by picking up the device and using it. In the blink of an eye, someone has your home address, or your bank account information, or your photos, or other sensitive information.”

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