Stay in the Right Cybersecurity Mindset

Too often, companies are not in the right cybersecurity mindset—but it’s a problem that can be fixed. A new report from CompTIA titled The Evolution of Security Skills calls upon on IT security professionals to form more proactive strategies.

Connor Forrest writes, “While businesses understand the importance of cybersecurity, they are relying on outdated strategies and misguided mindsets to protect themselves, according to a new report from CompTIA, released Tuesday.

“The report, titled The Evolution of Security Skills, claims that many businesses remain too defensively-focused in the way they address cyberthreats. Instead, CompTIA calls on security pros to become more proactive by seeking out and mitigating vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

“‘Building an impenetrable defense is no longer practical, and the mentality of preventing all breaches is outdated,’ Seth Robinson, senior director of technology analysis for CompTIA, said in a press release. ‘But a new, proactive approach combining technologies, procedures, and education can help find problem areas before attackers discover them.’

“Business leaders tend to focus too heavily on threats they are familiar with—namely, malware and viruses, according to the report. And, while it is important to be vigilant against those threats, leaders should also turn their attention to emerging threats and future concerns, Robinson said in the release.”

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