The Cybercrime Library

by Guest Columnist

The U.N. Cybersecurity Repository is a massive index of cybercriminal case law, and this cybercrime library contains many lessons used to train law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges.

Dan Patterson writes, “Cybercrime is a global problem because hacking is low-cost and threat vectors are copious. Because threats originate from rogue actors, professional groups, and state-sponsored organizations, cyberdefense for multinational companies—including startups and SMBs—can be a legal morass.

“The U.N. Cybercrime Repository was developed to promote technical assistance and strengthen international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime. The repository is the only tool in the world that archives cybercrime laws, cases, and key takeaways in a searchable database. The rapidly growing index cross-references global cybercrime incidents by topic, including global cyber investigations, requests for ISP stored traffic data, incidents of real-time traffic collection, and key takeaways.

“‘The repository enables lawmakers to draw upon the database of legislation when drafting laws on cybercrime or electronic evidence,’ said Loide Lungameni, chief of the UNODC (U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime) Organized Crime Branch. ‘[The repository] facilitates international cooperation by helping law enforcement and prosecutors to identify cybercrime legislative provisions applicable in other [member states].’

“Established in conjunction with the 2013 Comprehensive Study on Cybercrime, the database is a response to the explosion of global connectivity at ‘a time of economic and demographic transformations, with rising income disparities, tightened private sector spending, and reduced financial liquidity.’”

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