Becoming a DevOps Manager

by Guest Columnist

More organizations are adopting DevOps, and in order for IT professionals to be strong managers in this relatively new workflow, they must understand the skills necessary. It’s not an easy task, but there are several key elements to becoming a strong DevOps manager.

Alison DeNisco writes, “Many organizations are seeing the value of DevOps, a cultural movement that integrates software developers and IT professionals who manage production operations for a smoother workflow. As the movement gains traction, it’s important for managers across different IT divisions to adapt their leadership style to maximize the benefits of this workplace change.

“DevOps adoption is currently all over the map, according to Jeff Sussna, founder and principal of Ingineering.IT. ‘There are some companies that are all in and making really comprehensive progress,’ he said. ‘In general though, I would say a majority of companies I see are sort of grappling with it bit by bit, trying to understand what it is and how to do it.’

“However, there is more acceptance that it is something that people should pay attention to, Sussna said. As a manager, you need to help the workflow changes happen, he added, ‘so you are coaching, mentoring, guiding, incenting people—and being willing to experiment.’”

Read on for five tips to help you become a strong DevOps manager.




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