Don’t Be a Horrible IT Boss

by Guest Columnist

Not everyone in the IT field is cut out to be a boss. In fact, some professionals may be better off using their technological skills rather than being forced into management. There are too many examples of IT workers letting power go to their heads once a management promotion comes along; don’t be one of them.

Bob Lewis writes, “It’s legendary: A CIO promotes his best developer into a management role, losing an excellent programmer and gaining a bad manager.

“The art of management isn’t so much about assembling a dream team, helping others be successful, or solving technical problems. It’s about aligning everything you do in service of the business—the business of yourself.

“If you’re new to IT management, here’s an infallible guide to breaking bad—all the way to the top.

“Step 1: Enjoy your newfound authority. Life is too short to do anything else.

“In your previous roles you had to beg for money, even for such rounding-error expenses as buying your team the occasional pizza. No more! As a manager you have an actual budget. You can buy your team the occasional pizza without having to ask anyone’s permission.

“But that isn’t where you get to enjoy your authority. You get to enjoy it when a project manager who reports to you wants to buy pizza for her team. That’s when you make your authority clear: You require a solid cost justification for expenses like that.”

Read on for all 10 steps to becoming a horrible IT boss.




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