IT and ‘Intrapreneurship’

by Guest Columnist

Your organization doesn’t have to look outside the company for fresh and innovative ideas. Instead, businesses should foster “intrapreneurship” by encouraging better communication between IT and other departments.

Sarah K. White writes, “Entrepreneurship is typically associated with startup companies, and the eager, driven and innovative minds that start them. But there’s another type of entrepreneurship, and it lives inside established organizations.

“Intrapreneurs are already employed in your organization—they’re workers with progressive ideas that will benefit the company. The only problem is, these intrapreneurs often struggle to find the right channels to see their ideas realized.

“‘These are the employees who want to get their hands dirty and are often the first people to volunteer for a job. Intrapreneurs are not content with the status quo. They often see how things could be part of a bigger picture and come up with ideas to realize this new vision,’ says Tim Beerman, CTO at Ensono, a company that offers mainframe and hybrid IT solutions.

“Intrapreneurs are particularly valuable to a company because they can ‘act as a source of motivation, providing a fresh perspective and honest feedback to challenge those around them,’ says Beerman.

“They’re also your most loyal employees, the ones who believe in the company and want to instill positive change in the organization.”

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