Ways to Make Your IT Job Less Stressful

by Guest Columnist

Stress is sure to accompany any IT executive position, but there are ways to manage it. Such strategies as flex hours, e-mail control, and working in sprints can help. See what other leaders have to say on the matter.

Alison DeNisco writes, “A competitive culture and always-on mentality lead to high workplace stress levels in the tech industry, research shows. About half of IT employees reported feeling burnt out at work, according to a survey from Comparably. And more than two-thirds of US employees said they suffer from work overload, a study from Cornerstone found.

“Stress can cause burnout and a loss of motivation, said Dave Denaro, vice president of career management firm Keystone Partners. ‘Workplace stress has more causes than just the obvious one of too many hours at work,’ Denaro said. ‘For some people, especially members of the tech industry, workplace stress is due to the misalignment of one’s strengths vs. what they are being asked to do on the job. If you can’t use your biggest strengths in your current job you forfeit the ability to be most successful.’

“Ping pong tables and free food are not enough to solve the problem, experts said. Here are eight tips from members of the C-suite on managing stress in tech jobs.

“1. Allow work from home and flex hours. Allowing employees to work from home certain days of the week is a major stress reliever, said technology consultant Anthony R. Howard. ‘Many folks in tech are mobile—only they really know how busy they are,’ Howard said. ‘Life is simply better in the home office. It’s up to you to get to your objective, and in doing so you will need to create efficiencies.’”

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