When Collaboration Becomes Shadow IT

by Guest Columnist

by Matt Kapko

Various social collaboration apps used by employees often cross the line into shadow IT. With proper monitoring and management on the part of the IT department, however, the benefits of such collaboration tools can far outweigh the security risks associated with them.

Matt Kapko writes, “The use of unsanctioned social collaboration tools in the enterprise can be a real challenge for any IT organization, but they also often spark productivity and help teams focus. In fact, many CIOs and IT professionals say workers who use apps such as Yammer and Slack can both raise the threat associated with shadow IT and drive productivity gains. Companies must understand the unique strengths and weaknesses of popular social tools if they want to see real value, according to business leaders.

“Social collaboration apps compound the effects of shadow IT, according to Brian Kelley, CIO of Portage County, Ohio. When employees ‘go rogue’ and veer away from traditional or sanctioned corporate communication tools, enterprises lose access to important records, he says. ‘Business leaders can reduce the risks and hidden dangers … of shadow IT by bringing it into the open,’ Kelley says. ‘This will require better aligning the business with IT, improving communication with managers, and reducing the complexity of IT procurement.’”

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