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wannacry ransomware

What Is Ransomware and Why Can It Bring You to Tears?

WannaCry is the latest cyberattack ransomware that wreaked havoc on thousands of computers in over 150 countries last month. Its global reach has IT and security companies worldwide reevaluating their cybersecurity protection approaches.

employee orientation training meeting

The Value of New-Employee Security Orientations

The orientation process for new employees can be like drinking from a fire hose, with a lot of information—and not all of it completely relevant for them—in a short period. The Security department may play a large or small role in this discussion, and it’s critical that the presenters provide consistent, useful information that the […]

hospital security

Hospitals Face Increased Security Threats

Security professionals in health care are relied upon to both mitigate and manage huge complexes and remote facilities. The need to balance and maintain a welcoming environment, while protecting the people and assets within these healthcare facilities is a monumental task.

ransomware cybersecurity cybercrime criminal

Ransomware Continues to Plague Businesses

IT, cybersecurity, and security management practitioners appear to be split on the necessity of paying so-called “ransomware release fees” to cyber crooks who have held their company’s network systems hostage with software intrusions that lock down certain segments like payroll. Some IT people have a pragmatic attitude about paying off these cyberattacks, which often come […]


Survey: IT Pros Say Automation Is Necessary for Transformation

IT leaders are embracing automation, saying that it is absolutely necessary for digital transformation. They believe in automation so much, in fact, that nearly three-quarters of them say that businesses that fail to automate will fail within 10 years.


The Cloud and Your Company’s E-Mail

Companies everywhere are making the transition from on-premises servers to cloud-based e-mail services. This switch is an opportunity for IT leaders to tighten their security controls.


IT’s Identity Crisis

With perceptions of IT’s value and its status within an organization in constant flux, it can be difficult for IT leaders stay relevant. See how one IT executive navigated these tricky waters wherein technology’s role in business is often contradictory.


How to Educate the CEO About Big Data

Whenever IT has a big project to complete, it often comes with required executive approvals. However, CEOs (and other managers) are more likely to give the green light to projects they understand. Here’s how to bring them up to speed on data projects.