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Making Your Office More Sustainable and Efficient

IT is often charged with creating a more efficient physical workspace, and becoming a more sustainable office is key to achieving this efficiency. Embracing natural light, paperless meetings, and working from home can all help your company save money and energy.

Alison DeNisco writes, “Here are 10 ways your company can go green.

“1. Start a sustainability team for your office. A sustainability team can both raise awareness and accomplish more, said Kris Osterwood, technical and policy director for the Green Building Alliance. Projects for the team could include starting or enabling a more successful recycling program, and helping to inform purchasing decisions on energy-efficient appliances and green cleaning supplies.

“A team like this can also educate staff through informational lunch-and-learn sessions with local departments of water and power or waste authority, said Andrew McCrea, account executive and green team community events chair at Weber Shandwick.

“‘Employees engaging one another is more effective than memos from the top,’ McCrea said. ‘This group can conduct monthly ‘inspections’ looking at the power/gas meters, amount of office supplies ordered, etc., and keep record to gauge positive or negative movement.’”

Read on for all 10 ways to create a more sustainable office.