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Metro Areas with the Best IT Pay

If you live in or around one of the five largest metro areas in the United States, there is more than enough opportunity in the field of IT—not to mention the potential for large salaries. See what these five metro areas have to offer for IT leaders with the most in-demand skills.

Sharon Florentine writes, “The war for IT talent in 2017 is becoming even more competitive—and even more expensive. The demand for talent certainly isn’t slowing down, and companies are offering hefty compensation packages to try and fill open roles.

“Tech jobs in big data, IT security and software development, for example, are paying big bucks for both entry and senior-level positions, especially if you live in one of the five largest metro areas in the U.S., according to Randstad’s 2017 Salary Guide.

“‘The biggest takeaway here is that salary is still the number-one factor candidates consider when looking at new opportunities. The recent Gallup State of the American Workforce survey showed that about 37 percent of people would leave their job for a salary increase of 20 percent or less—it doesn’t take much, but candidates today know their worth and they can name their price. It’s a candidate’s market,’ says Jennifer Selden, regional recruiting director for Randstad Technologies.

“And those prices can be pretty steep, especially for technologists with particularly high-demand skills in and around the five biggest metro areas in the U.S: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia.”

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