Top Instances of Successful IoT Implementation

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The number and variety of enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives are growing. Despite this, most businesses are still holding back. One research company has compiled several successful cases of IoT in the real world to persuade companies still dragging their heels.

Mary Shacklett writes, “In a 2015 survey conducted by Gartner, only 29% of respondents were using IoT—but Gartner predicted that by the start of 2017, 43% of all companies would have some kind of IoT implementation.

“Among the most common IoT implementation projects were data center monitoring and automation, supply chain and inventory management, facility management, personalized advertising, asset management, security monitoring and surveillance, and patient monitoring. But beyond this range of IoT projects, a majority of companies still had either formative plans or no plans to implement IoT.

“With all of the hype about IoT, why are some organizations moving slowly?

“Some companies simply don’t see a need for IoT in their operations; others are concerned about the changes that the technology might create in business processes that have worked relatively well—processes everyone understands. In other cases, companies feel that they simply don’t have the bandwidth or the expertise to address IoT or that investing in IoT would create a budgetary strain.

“The bottom line here is that many companies still need to be convinced of IoT’s benefits. For IoT promoters, then, the task is to show how IoT really helps companies and just what the payoff is.”

Read the full article for five real-world examples of beneficial IoT at work.




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